Our Culture

A vibrant culture drives organizational success, and teamwork is its foundation.
  • Team player Executing as a team is a lot of fun and key to competitive advantage.  A unified team executing long term with a common goal will create value for customers, patients, and our team as a good result.
  • Integrity Doing the right thing consistently and challenging the status quo for the common good is our execution principle.
  • Transparency & Consistency. Everything we do for every customer will be consistent and fully transparent including our pricing. It’s always right.
  • Adaptability. Listening to customers and adapting when they suggest a more compelling way to serve them is core to our culture.
  • Persistence. Separates winners from losers in a free market environment.
  • Patience. Supporting new products, team member development, and cultural growth requires a long view. We will learn from failures more than success, and will stand behind any initiative which makes the organization better.
  • Optimism. You know it when you feel it. The belief we can execute better elevates everyone’s game.