Our Story

Based in Silicon Valley, our Stinson Orthopedics team is building a hyper efficient, high touch orthopedic device and solutions company that forever bends down today’s unsustainable medical device cost curve while optimally supporting providers and the patients they serve.

Our addressable market is the $31 billion global orthopedic device market growing roughly 7% per year. The industry should experience reliable volume growth due to the aging of a more active population. We also envision greater adoption of proven device systems that we offer.

Our mission is simple: deliver proven orthopedic devices, unique workflow solutions, and enduring value to customers that improves patient outcomes and reduces unit cost 50%. In doing so, surgeons can earn more procedure, patients can reduce out of pocket expenses, and payers can have full device transparency. Everyone wins big.

We are bringing together a seasoned management team, surgeon advisors, and a well-regarded manufacturer that have
  1.  Complementary device management experience in a high growth environment;
  2.  Lean/Six Sigma ISO-certified orthopedic device manufacturing legacy over 65 years;
  3.  Cloud-based surgical supply chain software services and a mobile device tracking application
  4.  Clinical expertise to direct product development and post-market studies.
Our business model addresses the following market problems:
  1. Payers are moving to capped reimbursement for orthopedic surgery which shifts cost responsibility to providers.
  2. Surgery and implant margins are declining while medical device prices (33% of surgery reimbursement) increase.
  3. Providers and their patients continue paying more as surgical volumes increase.
Our solution is three fold:
  1. Offer proven devices with  from a well-established orthopedic manufacturer at game-changing prices.
  2. Provide high touch on-site service for implant tracking and cloud-based purchasing including a 24 hour vendor payment service to our device subsidiary and other manufacturers.
  3. Provide innovative episode of care software services that enable providers to standardize care, improve outcomes, and predictably save under bundled payment reimbursement. Providers can share new savings with surgeons and patients.
We are building a surgeon-directed company to last around proven products from a high quality manufacturer, unique high touch services, and enduring value. We are grateful for your consideration to work with us.

Success Factors

We are building a company to last and are grateful for your consideration to work with us!